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Start now on your own digital revolution where human beings are the beginning of everything.

Exit the classic digital marketing strategies or frameworks… here I want to focus on the implementation of the digital roadmap to tackle your business objectives.

My experience of working with many managers means I’m aware that the struggle to fill and achieve a consistent and efficient digital marketing activities plan, is real.

You need to deliver short term results while you also need to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. We both know it’s hard to build trust in the short term. So you also need to develop lasting solutions that are not always compatible with a rocketing ROI.

While building your roadmap, you might find a load of inspiration, but when it comes to the relevancy and the feasibility… this is another type of challenge.

Is it really what you need to do in your digital roadmap?

I mean, you are aware of the latest trends in digital marketing to maximize your website traffic; the inbound marketing would be the secret weapon in your content marketing strategy, especially if it is coupled with marketing automation. You probably have, or have already thought about, a social media strategy to boost your marketing campaigns, search engine marketing… wait… or is it email marketing? The new thing that will bring a kickass conversion rate..?

It’s moving fast, AND there is much to do.

This is the only thing we are sure about.

I want to help you through your groundbreaking job, to build digital roadmaps with a relevant and consistent focus towards your customers.

I truly believe the success of the new digital challenges start with the people: your customers, your team, your vendors, yourself.

I develop content that will help you to answer your questions on digital marketing. You can discover here, below, how to build a strong digital roadmap, or subscribe to my weekly mail to get insights and business stories to keep you updated. Takeaways guaranteed!

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Digital Transformation

Traditional marketing is in a state of constant transformation that I like to call a revolution. Marketers are often the pioneers forging digital transformation for companies. 

Being in a Marketer nowadays is bold and challenging because you have to reinvent the job you learned at college, or the work you’ve been doing for years. 

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Customer Journey

It all starts with people. I will never say that enough.

You want to make sense. You need to be relevant.

The customer journey is where you can have a positive impact, where you build the customer experience. It’s not only something you create in your strategy.

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FAQ Digital Marketing

Every week, there is something new.
A new tool, a new strategy, a new canvas, a new ‘ultimate guide to increase your conversion’… Hard to keep track – and what about the real classics? 

Social media is now over 10 years old and emails are still solid on the digital roadmap. So I want to list clear note cards with the basic knowledge of best practices; the best places for discoveries or clarifications for your next digital move.

You’re ready to solve problems with a Customer-Centric method.

Customer journey - Solve business issues

10 things you should know about your customer.
The ultimate list of questions.

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