Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation, a new way of thinking.

Why are you doing it?
How much are you prepared to change?

There we are! The buzz word.

I aim to change your beliefs about the digital transformation.

First things first, I will not talk about digitalization.

Adding a layer of technology to your existing business is not what you can call a digital transformation. It’s just a complexification – and there’s a high chance it’s never going to bring in the results you are expecting.

Digital Transformation, for me, is a change of mindset, a disruption in the collaboration.

Yes, once again, it’s about people.

I want to explore and investigate the impact of Customer Centricity methods/mindset and the new technologies in your organization.

The moment you start to care about what matters for your customers, you rapidly have to sit everybody around the table: Sales, Operations, Customer Care, IT, Finance, Legal… 

It is cross-skilled work.

The business mission changes, the processes change, the products & services change, the marketing changes, the communication changes. 

That is a new paradigm for existing businesses.

Everybody needs to look in the same direction, serving the same purpose: make the best customer experience.

As easy as it sounds, this is a level of collaboration that is not usual yet in many companies.

We will explore this new way of thinking in the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW of your everyday business.

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