You're an ambitious manager, and you've been facing the last years of changes in your industry with determination, embracing the digital revolution as a new opportunity for your career.

This attitude helped you to run your way to your current position because now ‘Digital’ is part of every strategy, every initiative, every discussion. You know you want to create an impact in your company by implementing the strategy you built. And you’re a performer, you’re an expert in your industry, and you are a digital transformation enthusiast. So, what GIVES? It can feel like an uphill battle at times because you are more than willing to DO THE WORK.
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Fact is… there are just some things you can’t do alone. You’re managing a team and are accountable for the different projects running. At the same time, you should keep developing your skills to face the next significant challenges. When you look outside the company, everything is moving fast, and you feel behind already. And, at the same time, when you look inside your organization, everything is moving slowly, giving you the feeling you’ll never catch up.
Digital inspiration is everywhere, but people rarely talk about the real struggle to make digital a success within an organization. Digital is not just a bunch of tools. It’s people working together; it’s people learning together; it’s people changing their habits together on a very steep learning curve. So yes, the management has put digital as a priority in the strategy; they want people to take up new methodologies and be more agile; they propose training and solutions. You just have to take action because they want results and they want them now. Sometimes, you’re just overwhelmed by the pace; the complexity involved – there are just too many different things to do, and you need a little more support to break through.


Frustrated by the pace? I see you.

Hey, I'm Amélie, and I know all about what you're going through. In case we've never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…

I follow and support managers in their digital journey, offering guidance and actions in multiple problems such as :

  • Meet and understand their customers;
  • Improve the agency’s relationship;
  • Optimize conversion funnel;
  • Set, gather and present expected results;
  • Orchestrate and build internal buy-in;
  • Internal training and digital sensibilization;
  • Support operations with my agile practice;

and much more as there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to digital. 

In brief, every step that requires action toward changes in your organization.

It’s not always as smooth as a framework or a canvas suggests, and it requires you to be inventive, decisive, zealous and savvy.

Practically, I fit in your team, bringing new energy and knowledge to onboard together in a new phase of your digital journey, to reach the performance levels you promised your management.

Why does that matter to me?

I started my digital journey ten years ago as a project manager because I was, and still am, very curious about this digital world that can't stop evolving.

I decided to become a consultant because I’m thrilled by challenges in wider scope and because I thought this status could give me the opportunity to learn at my own pace. From one assignment to another, from one sector to another – the digital journeys in companies I had the chance to work with were all so different and yet so similar. The successful recipes are now based on people, people, and also people. People are the first thing I’m curious about. I should say, fascinated.

From one generation to another, we’ve seen so many changes in our way of living or working… it makes me dizzy. Yet, the only way we should respond is by adapting as best we can.

Change your way of working internally and externally.
Focus on your customers while you learn new organisation tools and methodologies.
Take care of yourself and others… sometimes very complicated others!

My only conclusion based on extensive work in this area is the improvement of collaboration.
We need to be a team to make it happen, to be brave and curious enough.

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I’m convinced we need to try new things every day to be inspired. But mainly to learn and grow. Being in a team and sharing these experiences is what makes human beings so unique. We are one of only a few species on the planet able to collaborate and build complex systems through the strength of teamwork.

I believe in the power of action, and I’m convinced the key to success is a pleasant collaborative atmosphere in which individuality, knowledge sharing, and agility bring innovation.

What I propose

Now, I've helped managers for more than twenty companies in different sectors create result-driven digital projects with a customer-centric mindset they're proud of, without all the typical BS that comes along with digital growth and all the buzzwords out there.


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What’s different about my approach?

I'm different from other consultants because I have a strong background in operation, and I'm still eager to take action.

It’s been ten years of building and optimising digital projects within companies that sit between business and tech, growing my knowledge in technologies and management. I understand the problems you are facing internally and also the personal concerns you might have for your career in this digital maze.

I can bring new knowledge and reliable methodologies to help you move forward and unlock the level of performance you expect to reach for success.

My two favorite things about this work are people and constant learning.

I enjoy collaboration and discovery. I don’t struggle with changes and can also blend in to existing teams seamlessly.

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work together

Strive for results

So if you're ready to experience a boost in the implementation of your strategy and set a customer-centric mindset for your organization in a way that's no longer overwhelming, let's talk.

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