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How can you continuously learn and grow as a leader?
Spoiler... It’s only for the curious mind, ready to be confronted.

How can you become an agile manager?

Let it be said, a good manager is someone who can face changes, take responsibility and engage people into trying things, through both failure and success.

Even if you have the best data, you will not predict the future. 

And it seems it’s not going to slow down.

As a manager, you have to face technological evolution you may not be able to follow, working with people from 25 to 65 with drastically different mindsets, and new competitors popping up from nowhere.

That may sound very overwhelming but I have good news; it can also be something great to get a grasp on.

Of course, you need to understand the world in which you do business, and if you are big fan of technology, be my guest – dig in.

But it’s not essential as a manager to be an expert in technology or the relationship between GenX and GenZ, for example.

The issue is called: CHANGE.

This is the topic in which you should be an expert.

To face and adapt when change knocks at your door, you need an all-new range of skillsets in order to respond appropriately. 

This has not been (and is still not) taught in schools.

It was not the day-to-day life of a manager 10 or 20 years ago. 

Then, you could have a five-year plan and follow it through with minor adaptations.

Now, you barely have time to start implementing your five-year plan when… 


A few months after you’ve kicked off, a kickass competitor pops up that could change the game for good. 

Bye-bye, five-year plan validated by all the stakeholders… You need to rework the whole thing.

There are solutions to tackle this type of extreme situation. But trust me, these circumstances will most probably happen more and more if you don’t skill yourself up.

A good manager today is agile and focuses on people.
Yes, it’s easier together as a team.

We will explore how to learn and grow these crucial skills to become an agile manager and improve communication as well as the relationship with your co-workers.

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