Answer: focus on people and keep learning

It’s not about technology, it’s about empathy.

I first thought it was only a fantasy of mine, but during my on-going research I keep seeing this critical quality mentioned. It’s a thing!
The best leaders are now described as humble, knowledgeable, empathetic, charismatic, engaging.
You would be tempted to think it’s more a personality type. And I have to admit there are some people for whom it comes naturally…

But I have to disagree…

Everybody can be a leader.
Now, the tricky thing is to become a GOOD leader.

I believe we are all responsible for our decisions and what we want to manifest in the world. You commit to a project, a position or an assignment within a company for a reason.

You want to achieve at least something.
As a manager, your boss will expect you to take the lead at your level.

Ok but…

If it were that easy it would not be a topic of discussion.

That’s very true.

Again, the rapid change of pace over the last few decades changes almost everything. We are now stuck between a legacy, not ready to let go of what has been built up over these years, and the sexy, new disruption. The result is this dizzy feeling of not knowing which way to go yet.
The only thing on which we can all agree is that we need to change, to adapt.
I want to explore with you the different management skills needed to become and grow as a leader.

Go beyond the obvious, or ‘by the book’ approaches to find solutions to embrace and adopt these new skills.
I also want to investigate how, in practice, these skills are critical factors for a successful career in digital. Leadership is not about power but engagement.

A good manager makes collaboration easy and clear.
The confrontation between some old systems and the rapid change is an everyday challenge for ambitious people.
We will explore the best practice to create and maintain a positive and productive work environment.

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Professional Carrer

Why and how to embrace a career as a Digital Manager. 
Find out what it takes and what you’re good at!

Management Skills

A good manager is an empathetic human who takes responsibility.

Learn how can you continuously learn and grow as a leader.
Spoiler….It’s only for the curious mind, ready to be confronted.

Leadership - Skill

10 things you should know about your customer.
The ultimate list of questions.

Persona - Ideal customer

Feeling the pressure
of managing your team remotely?

Virtual Team Management

You’re ready to solve problems with a Customer-Centric method.

Customer journey - Solve business issues

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