Get unstuck in your career in 90 minutes with the CX Attitude.

You’re invited to a free live hot seat coaching session to help you get unstuck in your career & secure your future in the most radically human way.

Get unstuck in your career in 90 minutes with the CX Attitude.​

You’re invited to a free live hot seat coaching session to help you get unstuck in your career & secure your future in the most radically human way.

✌️Free hot seat session✌️
May 20th, 2021 | 5–6:30 PM Brussels | 11–12:30 AM ET

The professional world has focused all its energies on an unsustainable growth frenzy for years, making us believe we can find a trick or a hack for anything & everything.

It’s made you think you should always have your shit together while you barely have the time to take care of yourself and your relationships.

Nobody’s really talking about the real struggle here and HOW to make sense of this frenzy.

This is what this free live session is for: to help you get unstuck and gain clarity. 5 submitters will be selected for LIVE laser coaching around self-awareness, collaboration & human-centricity. Yes, the essence of CX my friend.  

How does a hot seat session work, exactly?

It’s fun, you’ll like it!

✌️90 minutes of no-fluff, high-intensity live coaching (followed by Q&As)

✌️5 participants get chosen based on their submissions to solve their specific challenge

✌️ I’ll help each of them by using a mix of big picture thinking and step-by-step actions to follow

✌️OR be a fly on the wall and get inspired. There’s something amazing about witnessing other people’s problems being solved right in front of you.

Who is it for?

This session is designed for womxn managers who want to:

  • Get unstuck in their career
  • Make sense out of their job and situation
  • Create a kickass customer experience
  • Focus on people in a world that’s obsessed with data
  • Convince their team or boss to take risks, change things!
  • Get noticed because you bring value to your team!

In other words… It’s perfect for people who hate fluff, want to take action & change the status quo.

Here’s what you can submit:

  • A specific challenge that’s holding you back from moving forward in your career
  • A tricky situation where you feel stuck
  • A work situation that makes no sense!
  • Something you can’t understand about your clients or one of your colleagues
  • A relationship struggle at work
  • A product or service roadmap you want to improve the CX on
  • An outline of a new product or service you’re working on
  • Etc… 

And here’s what to avoid submitting:

  • A challenge that’s way too complex to untangle in 10 minutes (try to break it down into a smaller component instead)
  • A problem that’s too vague to cover without context
  • 20-page documents that would take anyone an entire day to make sense of


Your next steps:

  • Step 1: Register your interest using the form on this page 
  • Step 2: Submit your question for the upcoming hot seat round at least 24 hours before the event (Tuesday 18th)
  • Step 3: I’ll select 5 submissions and let you know if you’re chosen
  • Step 4: Jump on the call over Zoom with a decent internet connection & good vibes
  • Step 5: Get comfy, get clarity – it’s on me.

And, of course, I’ll send you a recording if you can’t make it to the live event.
I’ll also post it as a BONUS episode on the podcast.

I can’t wait to start this new adventure with you!

Main details:

  • What: free hot seat session designed to give you the clarity to unstuck your career.
  • When: May 20th, 2021 | 5–6:30 PM Brussels | 11–12:30 AM ET
  • How: over Zoom
  • Why: because no one, not even experts are willing to share the real matter out there!
  • Who: you, me, plus all the other people on the call
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Who's your host?

Hi! I’m Amélie, a CX consultant and podcaster who defies the unsustainable growth frenzy with radical human-centricity.

Digital revolution is everywhere, but people rarely talk about the real struggle to make digital a success within an organization. Yes, I’m talking about that infamous ‘digital transformation’!

It’s not always as smooth as using a framework and it requires you to be inventive, decisive and savvy.

I create content to help you step up your professional journey!

Sooo, if you’re ready to boost your career and create a human-centered mindset for you & your organization in a way that’s not overwhelming, let’s talk.

Contact me or join us at the Hot Seat Session Thursday the 20th of May!

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