Customer Journey


The relationship with your customers is a journey.
Dig down into the bumpy road of your customer journey.

Your digital roadmap serves the customer journey.

I want to convince you about the power of owning your customer journey. It will make your life easier. 

As a manager, you are now a real expert in your sector. This expertise is precious, but it can also be your weakness and create bias.

Your knowledge of your products and services will most likely create a gap between your customers and yourself.

The customer journey is the perfect, constantly evolving tool to avoid this gap and grow a meaningful connection with your customers.

How can the customer journey be so useful?

Firstly, this gives you a global overview of the experience around your products or services, which can be very powerful in improving the customer experience and your relevancy to the market.

You will identify all touchpoints and opportunities around the customer’s habits instead of assuming or interpreting data only. 

Or – even worse – instead of trying to push new habits onto people.

Additionally, you will improve your empathy and humility; while you discover, you are not a puppet master but more a helper, a pleaser. 

It will also clarify the situation and help in the decision process. This is the end of the neverending meetings discussing initiatives that need to be prioritized. The customer journey allows you to define clear KPI’s for every step and build persuasive proposals for stakeholders.

Besides the fact, you can create dashboards based on behavioral data to identify the value of every interaction.

Finally, it will simplify all your briefings to be written for your agency. You know by now that to have a qualitative output from your partners, you need to provide a qualitative input. 

An evolutive customer journey will improve the relationship by clarifying their expectations and providing more insights and goals.

It sounds like the solution you were expecting, right?

So your question is now:
How do I start? 

We will explore together every aspect of the customer journey and how to make it evolutive.

Here is an overview of the critical elements: 

  • Investigate and challenge your internal business context, vision, and mission. 
  • Be surprised by new types of competition – the ones you were not expecting!
  • Meet your customers and put yourself in his/her shoes.  

Who is s/he? What does s/he like to do? What kind of problem does s/he face?

  • Map the journey around your product and services
  • Create good habits with this powerful tool

You will discover that psychology and empathy are the new key trending skills for developing a product or service. And I promise you, my friend, you’re going to love it!

It’s time to get moving and start the process


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