The book you need to boost your digital transformation is...

Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
by David Graber

I’m telling you why, right below.

The book you need to boost your digital transformation is...

Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
by David Graber

I’m telling why right below

Why is this book your next best read?

Bullshit Jobs - Job

You’ll never see your work the same way after reading this book! If you’re looking to make sense of life and have an impact, Bullshit Jobs will rock your world.

From best-selling writer David Graeber, this book is a potent argument against the increase in meaningless jobs and the consequences that they have on our society.

Does your job make a good contribution to the world? In spring 2013, Graeber asked this question in a fun, thought-provoking article called “On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs.” Unsurprisingly, it went viral. 

There are so many people worldwide – from HR consultants to corporate lawyers – whose jobs are useless (essentially ‘bullshit’), the book says.

Graeber dives into why there’s so much work out there that can be considered pointless, and what we can do as a society to put “creative and caring” jobs at the very heart of our culture.  In short, “This book is for everyone who wants to turn their vocation back into an avocation”.

Again… you’ll not be the same after you read it!

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