How to give and receive feedback in 7 simple steps

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Listen to the podcast ! Learning how to give and receive feedback – without causing any tears! – was a game-changer in my working life.  Throughout my time in business school, and during the early years of my career, no one explained the importance of constructive criticism to me.  And the results on both my personal […]

How to deliver a perfect pitch that won’t make you fail with Christoph Sollich

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Listen to the podcast If you’re in the world of startups, you might know my latest podcast guest, Christoph Sollich, better by his alter ego: The Pitch Doctor.  True to his name, the German consultant has helped roughly 2,000 fledgling companies learn how to present their ideas better (not to mention countless entrepreneurs and university […]

Breaking down the benefits & challenges of outsourcing with Maeva Cifuentes

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Listen to the podcast   Maeva Cifuentes is a content marketing expert, but I wanted to speak with her about the benefits of outsourcing – an entirely different subject to her main expertise. So why would I ask the head of a B2B agency to talk about hiring external agencies or freelance contractors on People&Digital? Well, […]

Disentangling the world of extreme customer centricity with Rik Vera

Listen to the podcast I was very happy to have a conversation with Rik Vera for my latest episode of People&Digital, the podcast, as he’s such a highly respected customer experience thought leader – in Belgium and beyond. An influential business philosopher, coach and advisor, he inspires people with an approach to CX, disruption, sales and […]

6 ways to improve your CX without budget

Listen to the podcast: Budgets are in meltdown right now. A lot of companies are in survival mode, leading to severe cuts in departments like marketing – which is often where customer experience nests. The pressure to perform hasn’t changed, yet it’s likely you’ll have less budget to get the results you need.  Customer experience […]

10 ways to improve your relationships at work

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Listen to the podcast Colleagues… People you didn’t choose but you see every day and have to collaborate with.  It’s the challenging reality we all face everyday of our work life, and we manage more-or-less successfully. For some people it comes naturally, communication and brainstorms flow. For others, you can’t get your head around it… […]

3 Managers’ Biases You Should be Aware of & How to Avoid Them

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Listen to the podcast:   Bias, is the inclination or prejudice for, or against, one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair. Bias is also feeling or showing inclination or prejudice for, or against, someone or something. Let’s be honest… we all have biases. Here I want to help you identify […]

How do you manage a virtual team?

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Listen to the podcast:   Many people across the world have been forced into working remotely as a result of the current pandemic, leading to the quandary: how do you manage a virtual team? In these strange times it has quickly become paramount for people managers to understand how to use digital tools to get […]

Build 5 Powerful Habits to Become Customer-Centric Minded

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Listen to the podcast To explore the customer-centric mindset we first need to understand three key points: mindset, habit and customer-centricity.  Mindset is “the established set of attitudes held by someone”. Whilst a habit is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”. Customer centricity is where the […]

How to be an agile and resilient Manager?

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Listen to the podcast   As a Customer Experience consultant I help managers take actions on their digital roadmap. I have a strong customer-centric mindset and use proven methodologies which I have developed over the last ten years. I launched this Podcast to help managers understand the reality of digital transformation and the struggles they […]