Disentangling the world of extreme customer centricity with Rik Vera

Listen to the podcast I was very happy to have a conversation with Rik Vera for my latest episode of People&Digital, the podcast, as he’s such a highly respected customer experience thought leader – in Belgium and beyond. An influential business philosopher, coach and advisor, he inspires people with an approach to CX, disruption, sales and […]

6 ways to improve your CX without budget

Listen to the podcast: Budgets are in meltdown right now. A lot of companies are in survival mode, leading to severe cuts in departments like marketing – which is often where customer experience nests. The pressure to perform hasn’t changed, yet it’s likely you’ll have less budget to get the results you need.  Customer experience […]

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Customer Experience

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Listen to the podcast   Customer experience can be a complicated subject, so Jonathan Daniels, author of the Customer Experience Playbook, and I tackled some of the myths surrounding it on my latest episode of People&Digital, the podcast.  Jonathan is also the organiser of CX Brussels, a Belgium-based networking platform that supports customer experience professionals, […]

The Next Web online event, my 5 takeaways.

Telecommuting - Stay-at-home order

At the beginning of October I spent a full two days sitting in front of my screen. Well… that’s not really new for me as a consultant but that was a totally new experiment for me anyway. Why? The Next Web, my favorite event in the digital industry was happening! I love this event and […]

What are the 3 mistakes digital strategist make? Interview with Michel Demoor

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Listen to the podcast   I am happy to welcome Michel Demoor, who has been a digital strategy consultant for 15 years, as my next People&Digital podcast guest. Michel started his career in 2006 when there was no iPhone, no Facebook and no GDPR cookie banner, so he has seen the rising complexity of the […]

What’s the CX Butterfly Effect?

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Listen to the podcast: It’s likely you’re familiar with the chaos theory known as the Butterfly effect. It states that, “…something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.”  Essentially, it describes how a small change or action at one point in time may have […]

When is your Customer Journey ready for a Mobile App? – Tapptic Interview

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Listen to the podcast   ADS: “Hello, I am Alexandre, I am 32 years old. I am now currently the Managing Director of Tapptic, the first mobile agency in Belgium and one of the top agencies in Europe for mobile app projects. Before that I was a professional field hockey player for the Belgian national […]

What are the 4 main Customer Experience focuses in B2B? Interview with Aaron Pollet.

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Listen to the podcast This week on my People&Digital podcast I welcomed my guest Aaron Pollet. Aaron specializes in CX and has been turning prospects to customers and customers into advocates since 2008.  In our conversation, we focused on retention in B2B, why retention is crucial and Aaron explained the four main CX best practices […]

How to improve Customer Experience

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Listen to the article:   The good news is: You already have a Customer Experience! Even if, like many, you don’t focus on it. You have probably already observed how CX (short for Customer Experience) is not something you can just start on your own. Sure, you can start to change your habits and mindset […]

3 Toxic Myths You Believe About Customer Experience

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Today, we’ll cover the 3 toxic myths about Customer Experience that all beginners MUST break away from in order to achieve their digital transition as a Customer-Centric manager. Getting your mindset right is the #1 thing you have to conquer if you want to succeed in the digital transformation of your company. As the popular […]

The secret has never been into data

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Today we are all involved with data in our daily business. It’s now the new gold rush.  Owning data would make you powerful and successful in your marketing and sales. Data would be the key to understanding and unlocking your business situation. You will finally meet your customers through data. Fine but take out the […]

Customer Centric Value Proposition

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Listen to the article In marketing strategy, Value Proposition is defined as an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers. You’re getting to know my customer-centric approach by now so of course there is “customer” in the definition!  I’m here with a real problem that EVERY company has, […]

How to Define Customer Experience – 4 Methods & their key ingredients.

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Listen to the article: We’re going to explore Customer Experience, so let’s examine what ‘experience’ really means. According to the dictionary, it is defined as practical contact with and observation of facts or events; an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone. Or to encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence). You probably […]

The two reasons why Purpose matters in Business.

Passion Led Us Here

Remember your business’ purpose It’s quite normal to become busy, get into a routine, rely on old habits… we are made this way. We love to settle. We feel safer like this. But I have observed how – after a while – becoming busy makes us forget the big picture and our intended direction. Then […]